Frozen Buttercream Transfer

This weekend was the first time I attempted a frozen buttercream transfer. I will definitely be adding this decorating method to my repertoire. This tutorial from a Wilton instructor gave me step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: I printed my desired image, flipped over the picture, and traced the outline on the back of the paper. It's important to make the mirror-image of your design, as it will be flipped over onto the cake at the end. I laid a sheet of wax paper of the top of the drawing and taped it down onto a small cutting board (any flat surface will work).

Step 2: All of the details need to be done in reverse order. Remember that the top of the image will actually be the bottom layer of your buttercream transfer.

Step 3: Continue filling in your image with buttercream frosting.

 Step 4: (not shown) I covered the entire buttercream Minnie Mouse with a thick layer of white icing. A thicker image will be less likely to break apart than a thin one when you are transferring it onto the cake at the end.

Step 5: Place the buttercream image in the freezer for a few hours. I left mine in the freezer overnight.

Step 6: When ready, carefully flip the image onto your cake and slowly peel away the wax paper. 

Easy as pie cake!