Friday Rambling #noblogideas

My parents gave me a really awesome Valentine's Day gift...tulip bulbs! #imadork

I wish I would've done a better job documenting their growth. They started out all green with no blossoms. You'll just have to imagine it, since I have no pictures of that first day.

Before they bloomed, Brian asked me why my parents had given me a vase of radishes. #mastersdegree

I'm not really a big fan of social networking, but my brain has now (unfortunately) been wired to think in hashtags.

My two favorite teenagers (Lauren and Taylor) introduced me to hashtags last summer. I was thoroughly confused, but then I eventually caught on to this awful trend.

Though in some ways, using hashtags makes me feel giddy.
Probably similar to the excitement my parents feel when they use abbreviations in a text message.
Or the way my grandma feels when she successfully sends an email. #notoften

I noticed my brain thinking in hashtags last night during the Duke vs. NC State basketball game. All of these hashtags just started entering my brain, usually in the form of insults.

(Oh, and just for the record, the only rivalry that I truly care about is that of Duke vs.UNC. But damn if that win against NC State didn't feel good.)





You get the drift. 

Alright, all for now.

I have to go type up a blog preliminary for my parents today, or else my mom will read this post and then text me "WTF?"



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