Snickers Brownies

I'm bound and determined to use everything in the pantry for my cooking/baking these days. I can never seem to get out of the grocery store for under $50, so it's best I avoid it when I can.

When I realized we had abundance of Christmas Snickers Minis leftover from the holidays, I went to work on finding a recipe to use them.

I found a recipe for Snickers Brownies on the
My Baking Addiction blog.

I adapted the recipe a bit because I didn't have unsweetened chocolate on hand. I did, however, have a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, so I used those instead.

The other ingredients included butter, sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs, flour, and Snickers bars.
I was thrilled I didn't have to go to the grocery store!
I followed the recipe on My Baking Addiction, though I did use more Snickers than what was originally called for. I ended up baking my brownies for 20 mins longer than the suggested time (50 mins total) and yet they still never got completely cooked.

Perhaps it was the Snickers overload or the semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I'm no brownie expert, but an undercooked brownie is still a brownie none the less.

I took them to Sharky's with me on Saturday night and they were all quickly devoured.
Have you ever had Symphony Brownies? My roomate in college first introduced me to them. I think those will always be my favorite brownies!

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Connie Hemric1/09/2012

    Erin doesn't think a brownie is a brownie unless it is undercooked - so she would probably have loved these! :)


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