Reading is Sexy

Do you like to read?

If yes, join my book club.

If no, join my book club.

Visit the website to learn more about Read Between the Wines. We meet in the Triangle area on the last Thursday of the month.We are kicking off a brand new year and I would be thrilled to add some new faces to our monthly meetings!

If you enjoy socializing with really cool people or are just hoping to get involved in something new this year, contact me via email, blog, or Facebook.

Sorry guys. Females only.

Read Between the Wines
Contact: Kelly Lawrence


  1. Anonymous1/03/2012

    I love to read! But it may be a long way from Greensboro.

  2. Liz C.1/06/2012

    kel - i'm thinking about starting a "Read Between the Wines - Boston Chapter"...i just love the name [adorable] and lets face it, I love wine and reading. I hope you're OK with that :)

  3. Kelly Lawrence1/06/2012

    Liz--DO IT! So much fun! Also, I can't take credit for the great book club name. I spent lots of time googling cute book club ideas :-)

    The link above is to my favorite inspirational book club where I get a lot of ideas!


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