First Annual 2011 Blogger Awards

Each year, the blogging community has several award ceremonies honoring the various bloggers in different categories.

The Sweet Tooth, to my surprise, wasn't nominated for any national awards this year; hence, my first ever "The Sweet Tooth Blogger Awards," in honor of myself and my blog.

I have worked hard this year on The Sweet Tooth in order to bring a little entertainment to your life, or perhaps a little distraction from your normal workday.

I have made some changes this year to the blog and I will continue to work hard on making improvements in 2012. Though my blog is truly a hodge-podge of everything, I've tried to narrow my focus to three things: Recipes, Relationships, and Reality. As always, your feedback is much appreciated.

If you have just recently began to follow my blog, I am so glad you have jumped aboard The Sweet Tooth bandwagon.
I have personally hand-picked all of the award categories, the nominees, the winners, and the runner-ups, except for the most popular post category (chosen by Blogger Stats).

The Sweet Tooth Presents....

Most Memorable Post
Winner: Mountain Weekend, Maturity, and Testosterone Poisoning
Runner Up: Five Ways to Render Him Speechless

Most Popular Post
Winner: Baby Shower Oreo Pops
Runner Up: Sure to be a Mouthful

Best Recipe
Winner: Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob
Runner Up: Pulled Pork for a Blustery Day

Best Poetry
Winner: Ode to my Macbook
Runner Up: Ode to the Urchin

Personal Favorite
Winner: Upgrading (But Not Updating) My Status
Runner Up: The other 266 posts that I've written

Thank you all for your continued support! It's been an awesome year.

I want to give a special "Congratulations!" to the author of the winning posts in each category:

Congratulations to me!

I'll skip my acceptance speech and just say....

Thank You!