Happy Halloween!

I'm sorry I didn't post a blog earlier. I didn't have time to post while I was at work today. No, not because I was working hard, but because I spent way too much time looking at pictures of dogs in costumes and then my boss gave me the afternoon off.

My boss mistakenly assumes I have an exciting life and told me it was necessary that I leave at 3pm to get ready for Halloween festivities. Given that I had a pretty hefty goal of wine and mass candy consumption while sitting on the couch tonight, I couldn't argue her on the fact that I did, indeed, need to leave by 3pm.

So here I am, at Brian's house, in charge of passing out candy to the children. All of zero children have come to the door, so I guess this bag of candy is for me.

I got a bag of Miniature Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream bars for the kids (now myself.) These are probably my favorite chocolate bars in the world, which I find odd because I'm not too keen on Oreos, milk and cookies, or Cookies-n-Cream ice cream. Very odd.

Similar unrelated story: Brian was licking a cake batter bowl last week and then announced to me that "this cake batter tastes like oatmeal" to which I said, "I never knew you liked oatmeal" to which he said, "I don't." (Insert fifteenth spoonful of batter into his mouth)

He's weird. I'm weird. And somehow we crossed paths. (To God give the credit, Amen.)

Back to my story, this picture of a Cookies 'n Cream bar broken in half equals 12 mini Cookies 'n Cream bars, therefore if I eat the entire bag, I will have consumed only two candy bars, which does not sound overly gluttonous if you ask me.

And as promised, I will share with you my Halloween party food. I guess these ideas will only be useful for next year, unless your party is going to be very, very last minute.

Bloody Mary Bar

  Candy Corn Jello Shots
 Caramel Apples
 BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Jalepenos
 Frankenstein Cake

More on the party tomorrow.

Have a happy & safe Halloween!