The Beaver

I'm excited to tell you that  I stayed awake for an entire movie last week!

I'm sorry to tell you that the movie I stayed awake for was The Beaver with Mel Gibson.

Luck would have it that Brian slept through the entire movie, but miraculously awoke for the climactic, split-second beaver murder that happened when I walked out of the room to pee.

I watched the movie and missed the best part. Brian slept through the movie and awoke for the best part.

Luck would have it.

Don't waste your time on The Beaver, especially if you only have one month to live.

I've actually had a busy morning around here (I too am shocked at this statement!), so I had to make my blog post short and sweet. I was reminded of the lousy Beaver movie while perusing Blockbuster on Sunday. It was $0.50 movie rental day, so Brian rented six movies for $3. And then I bought a box of candy for $3. He got mad. I shrugged and ate a Mike & Ike. Such is my life.


  1. karen17710/25/2011

    i agree that movie totally sucked.


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