Interior Design Virtuoso

Lately I’ve had some really brilliant decorating ideas for my future home.

Interior Design.... add that to my resume.

I’ve even cut out pictures from Southern Living and made my very own "Idea Notebook" so that I can save these ideas for when I’ve saved a lot of money.They’re ideas for when I’m an actual adult with a house and an income.

We’re talking far off future.

We’re talking very far off future.

Even though these decorating ideas aren't feasible anytime soon, I still like to make frequent use of my three favorite words (directed at Brian, of course)…

“Make this happen.”

I’ll show him a picture of a really neat thing, point to it and say “Make this happen.”

And then he's all like “Kelly, you’re brilliant!!!”

Okay, that last part where he acknowledges my brilliance has never actually happened before.

(Brian, make that happen).

My personal favorite idea of the moment—the Dutch door.

I love the Dutch door.

For some reason it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Maybe one day I can pretend to be Belle, lean out of my Dutch door, and shout “Marie, the baguettes! Hurry up!”

It’s my ultimate fantasy.

Brian, make that happen.


  1. Allyson8/31/2011

    hahah love this! I'll be glad to assist in your design when that far off future gets closer!

  2. Kelly Lawrence8/31/2011

    Thanks Allyson!! I'm jealous you're majoring in interior seems like so much fun!! Hope your semester is off to a good start!

  3. Allyson8/31/2011

    lol it is a lot of fun! And thank you, things are going well so far.

  4. karen1779/01/2011

    MARIE! THE BAGUETTES! HURRY UP! hahahahahaha that just made me crack up

  5. Kelly Lawrence9/01/2011

    LOL Karen, I'm glad someone understands my beauty and the beast reference!! My mom thought i was crazy!


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