Hello from Asheville!

Life in a secluded cabin, surrounded by nature, is wonderful.

For a short period of time.

My family is spending the weekend shopping and dining in Asheville, North Carolina, with a few hikes, books, and board games thrown in.

This afternoon, I got to relax on the porch with my computer and do what I do best--read my favorite food blogs and search the web for new ones. It's my guilty pleasure. I store up all my creative ideas, recipes, and finds in my brain, anxious for the day that I will have the time and money to re-create these delicious eats.

I was lucky to come across a great blog today that recommended Picnik. Much like Photoshop, this free online tool allows you to upload photos, edit images, and create collages.

I tried it out with some of my photos from our trip to Black Mountain yesterday.

Take a look:

Oh, the possibilities! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!