Do You See What I See?

I gave a slight shriek, flung open the dishwasher, and quickly snapped this photo to give you an idea of the grotesque situation I'm dealing with.


There are currently about 200 in the dishwasher.
Three on my laptop.
And one crawling on my arm.

They have made themselves at home in the dog bowl.
And they have even made their way into the upstairs bathroom.

This wouldn't be too big of a deal except for ONE MAJOR THING:
I have a two-day baking project on my calendar that starts tomorrow!
I'm making cupcakes for a dear friend's baby shower on Saturday.

"Oh, you mean those black specs in the cupcake frosting?......Extra protein."

So I guess I'll be resorting to Plan B.

And now I have the rest of the night to figure out a Plan B.....


  1. Dental Daddy8/18/2011

    Looks like you need to do your dishes more often ;)

  2. Kelly Lawrence8/18/2011

    ...or looks like I'll be eating out every night from now on!!


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