Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob

I may not be a gourmet chef, but last summer I was able to master corn on the cob. Now that summer has rolled back around, I broke out my no-fail method last night, and Brian and I enjoyed corn on the cob with our pork tacos.

I'm convinced that this method results in corn on the cob that is better than anything boiled on the stove or cooked on the grill.

Step 1: Tear the husk and strings off the cob.

Step 2: Melt butter. If your me, a lot of butter. I use approximately 1 tbsp/2 cobs.

Step 3: Set up your station. Place each corn cob on an aluminum foil square. Drizzle butter onto each cob. Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper and any seasoning that you prefer. I usually use garlic salt/powder. Last night, to accompany the taco theme, I used cajun seasoning. 

Step 4: Once the corn is seasoned, massage the seasonings and butter onto the whole cob to cover it. Your hands will be a buttery mess!

Step 5: Wrap in the foil and bake for approximately 45 minutes-1 hour on 375 degrees.