Holy Canolli

Or maybe Holy Coffee would be more accurate?

When I came across a post from The Pioneer Woman yesterday that involved pouring sweetened condensed milk into a glass of ice coffee, I almost died.

Brilliant, this woman.

Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Lately, my blog reading has taken a backseat to my organic chemistry class. Actually, everything has taken a backseat to my organic chemistry class. I was thrilled yesterday to get back into my blog reading frenzy and more thrilled to see that The Pioneer Woman had written this post:

Perfect Iced Coffee

I spent about one minute trying to decide if she was using the word "perfect" as an adjective or a verb. It's different, ya know, the pronunciation of the two. So I quietly pondered this great mystery, and then I moved on.

The reason I was so excited to see this post is because I knew that The Pioneer Woman, who does everything at home, must be having the same difficulty I have when it comes to good homemade iced coffee. When you pour hot coffee into a glass of ice, you end up with a watered down drink. Not good.

While I've always preferred hot coffee, with the exception of those new Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccinos, Brian always requests iced coffee instead. I've even tried placing a cup of coffee in the freezer to cool it down for a half hour so that it won't melt the ice, which is my best effort so far.

Today, I will be trying this new method for making iced coffee concoctions. And while it definitely involves a lot more work (over eight hours of coffee steeping), I think the end result will be well worth it.

Side note-
When reading the iced coffee post, I had a bout of Drink Dispenser envy.
If you've never suffered from Drink Dispenser envy (which I'll admit I haven't until yesterday), stay away from this site: Potter Barn Drink Dispensers.

Cutest things ever. Definitely something The Hostess with the Mostess has plenty of.
Just thought I'd share :-)

Happy Tuesday!