Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

I'm somewhat of a bipolar blogger, as you may have realized. Most bloggers choose a topic (i.e. food) and then focus their blog around said topic. Me? I may have confused you. I am often posting Christianity references and the next day documenting my day at Beerfest. One day I'm referencing my service trips to Honduras and the next day I'm voicing my steadfast Republican views.

I recently began looking at my blog stats and have noticed that I have approximately 500 blog visitors per month. As much as that excites me, at the same time I find it extremely nerve-wracking! How many people am I offending with what I write? How many people am I entertaining? How many people actually know me and how many are complete strangers?

If you read my blog on a semi-regular basis, you are likely aware of the following: I am a Christian. I'm obsessed with my dog. My interests include reading, cooking, politics, and a slew of other things. I want to be a dentist. My boyfriend Brian is my best friend, and he often makes an appearance in my blog posts.

But what don't  you know? It was extremely hard, but I came up with 10 things.

1. I despise Katie Couric. I can respect her, yes, but I don't have to like her.

2. The website I visit most often is dictionary.com.

3. A profound memory/life lesson of morals: When I was in high school, my friend Erin and I were on a beach trip with her family. We had just left the drugstore and were walking to the car when her dad turned around and announced that the clerk had forgotten to charge him for a toothbrush. He went back inside to pay for the toothbrush, and I'm sure he had no idea the impact that his decision had on me. It's an incident I've never forgotten.

4. I'm always worried about something. The person I worry about the most? My boyfriend.
His safety, his health, his happiness, his job, and mostly just his safety.

5. I wrote in my journal practically everyday for two years beginning January 1, 2008. It documented almost every thought, action, and emotion. A few months ago, I threw the journal in the trashcan.

6. My favorite candle is Fresh Cut Roses.

7. I have three stuffed animals that still sit on my bed to this very day--one from Erin, one from Marykathryn, and one from Mollie and Megan. They were birthday presents when I was in fourth grade, and they are still in perfect condition, only Eeyore has lost his tail.

8. I hate change. But maybe you already knew that?

9. I'm taking a couple months off at the end of the summer--August and September. I'm planning to get a lot of "me" time during those weeks.

10. I need to leave for class in ten minutes, yet I'm still in my pajamas drinking coffee. Oh blog, how I love you :-)

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  1. karen1776/30/2011

    oooo that journal sounds super entertaining. I can't believe you chucked it!

    Can you make some ME time during your "me" time this August?!