Birthday Blog

Twenty fours years old today!

In the words of OneRepublic, "Don't really know how I got here. I got some pictures on my phone."

Even though it often feels like one huge blur, I made a list of some of my life's highlights. It's these moments that I remember the best, even the smallest details. 

Here's twenty four of my fondest memories:

24. Riverside theater productions
23. Eighth grade lunchtime with Anna and Maggie
22. Kenny Chesney/country concerts on the lawn
21. Rides in the back of Papa's truck
20. Camp Oak Hill
19. Day at Hyco Lake
18. Croasdaile pool with the gang
17. Grandma and Pa's farm with Erin
16.  New Year's celebration at the Holmes'
15. Mill Creek Invitational weekend
14. Mountain Weekend with "the Von Trapp family singers!"
13. Aspen ski trip with the Family
12. Busch Gardens trip with Mollie and Megan
11. Easter weekend, 2006
10. Lake Winnipesaukee with Meg and Chris
9. Grey Stone Day Camp
8. Scotland 
7. Son Power choir trip, 11th grade
6. Spring Break in Gulf Shores
5. Annual Outerbanks trip
4. Bonfires at Ame's
3. M202 freshman year
2. Falling in love with Brian
1. Honduras, Spring Break 2008

Well, looking back over the list, over half of my happiest memories took place during my recent college years. That can either mean one of two things:

Your college years are the best years of your life.
Life just keeps getting better with age.

If the first one is true, I guess it's a good thing I'll likely be in college until I'm thirty.

If the second one is true, I definitely have a lot to look forward to!

Honduras 2008