Wine and Design

On Saturday, Brian and I went to Wine and Design for a very fun date night! For $35 each, you get all the supplies you need to paint a canvas. You can also bring your own beverages to enjoy while you paint. Saturday evening was Dogwood night (although I painted a Cherry Blossom), and our class was filled with about 30 girls....and Brian. Not that Brian minded being surrounded by girls one bit.

An instructor guided the class through each brush stroke, and everyone's painting turned out unique and fabulous. As instructed, the entire class painted the background of the canvas blue....except Brian. He chose a bright orange color, which got him a lot of attention from all the ladies. Not that Brian minded the attention from all the ladies one bit.

We painted.
I drank my wine.
Brian drank his Four Loko.
And then Brian drank my wine, too.

It was a very fun, creative night and I'm excited that I now have my very own piece of artwork decorating Brian's house!


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