Tar Heal Reader

A while back, I made UNC.edu my Safari homepage.

Most often, I click immediately to email, Google, or WRAL's website.

Which makes me wonder why I chose UNC to be my homepage.

At any rate, today I glanced at the front-page story of the UNC site, and an article about reading grabbed my attention

It grabbed my attention because I'm obsessed with reading.

Which makes me wonder why I'm currently enrolled in Physics and Chemistry courses.

At any rate, there's this relatively new site called The Tar Heel Reader. It helps people in every country learn how to read simple books, create their own simple books, etc.

What I loved about the site is that you can read/create books in Spanish. I read one of the books called "Friday! Partyin' Partyin' Yeah!" in Spanish and it was an easy, simple Spanish refresher course.

This is a really neat tool that has been created and over 2 million books have already been read!

Speaking of good books....

Si quieres un libro leer este fin de semana, The Help es muy bueno!

And speaking of good cake....

That delicious seven-layer caramel cake was ordered from Caroline's Cakes in Annapolis, MD. YUM!