Smooth Criminal

Yesterday, as I was placing my new Miller Lite keychain on my key ring, I got to thinking.

Side story: The Miller Lite keychain magically appeared in my purse a couple weeks ago, and Brian spent almost eight minutes trying to solve the mystery of the Miller Lite keychain. Let's just say, he's no Sherlock Holmes.
Unsolved mystery.
So it must have magically appeared.
That, or too much Miller Lite was involved to remember the real reason it came into my possession.

Anyways, I got to thinking--a Miller Lite keychain is so perfect for me. It is nothing short of miraculous that it appeared in my purse that night.

And then I was like, wait.

All my keychains are so perfect for me.

Exhibit A: The preppy, nautical thingy that I always have on my keys

Exhibit B: My new Miller Lite bottle opener keychain

Exhibit C: The "I heart Brian" keychain I bought at the Dollar Tree

Whether you carry a lot of keychains, no keychains, or just your Vic card, your keys really do say a lot about you.

If I ever commit a crime, I need to be sure not to leave my car keys behind. I think they'd find me.

Can you tell I'm currently reading a book about crime scene investigations?

I think I'd make for a lousy criminal.

But then again, I am the new owner of a Miller Lite keychain, and nobody's come after me yet.


  1. karen1774/19/2011

    you don't seriously have an I heart Brian keychain...


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