Like Mother, Like Daughter (Top Five Reasons I'm Turning into My Mom)

I may still have my dad's looks, his charming personality, his tendency to worry, and his amazing bull-shitting capabilities, but in many ways...

I'm turning into my mom. Here's the proof:

5. I can't sit still. Okay, I can sit still if I'm reading or laying poolside, but that's about it. Otherwise, I'm up doing something. Anything. The other day I worked at the bank, babysat in the afternoon, went to class, went to my Kaplan review session, came home at 9:30, and immediately started pulling pans out of the cabinet to bake a cake. My dad commented on how I was just like my mom. And that comment only made me I'm going to have to write a blog about how I'm like my mom. But I waited a couple weeks to write the blog (this blog), because I can't keep my eyes open past 11pm (again, like my mom).
4. I can make any food item last over a month (or more!). For example, say my mom receives a chocolate candy bar. Weeks later, she is still eating off the same candy bar! I may eat a lot of ice cream, but I can make a pint of Ben and Jerry's last a month (if Brian doesn't eat it all first).
3. Now that I have lost most of my college weight, once again I have my mother's figure. And we both have the figure of a not-yet-developed thirteen year old. I can't fill out a bra and my pants sag in the rear. But hey, at least I have no cellulite.
2. Have you seen me play cornhole? Clearly, running is the only "sport" I will ever master. I think I get that from my mom...
1. I went to Southpoint a couple weeks ago, and the cutest outfit I saw was in Talbots. Talbots!!!! Really?! I never thought there would come a day where I would be window shopping at the mall and find myself drooling over a Talbots outfit. Oh Lord, I thought. I'm turning into my mother....


  1. Well, we may like Talbot's, but Ann Taylor Loft fits us much better. And there is hope for you in ping-pong, you may wish to give it a try :-)


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