I have two more days of classes and two final exams. And then Spring semester is over.

This would be more exciting if
a) I wasn't taking summer courses
b) I wasn't living in fear that I'm going to have a bad physics grade

But it is still a little exciting.

Easter weekend was fun. Brian and I visited with his parents in Annapolis. We went to the Baltimore aquarium, did a little shopping, saw The Source Code, failed to understand The Source Code, and decorated Easter eggs.

Oh, and we met up with an old friend for dinner Thursday night! It was great seeing Karen again after all these years. She said I looked exactly the same. I said she looked exactly the same. And you know what else is exactly the same? How much we both enjoy talking. I'm pretty sure we coulda sat in that booth another three hours without one minute of silence.

In other unimportant news:
-I feel like revamping my entire blog, which means I will have to subsequently revamp three blogs in total, which may take a lot more time than I'm willing to spend on blog revamping. So for now...I'll leave it pink.
-I'm on a P90X kick. And by kick I mean I reallllly want to start doing P90X. I haven't actually done it. Although I may or may not decide to do the "P90X Stretch" today.
-I've been introduced to a new concept today. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. I, personally, do not suffer from FOMO, but I'm pretty sure I will start diagnosing people (mostly Brian) with this.
-J-E-A-L-O-U-S (not to be confused with jelouse)
Brian, I'm confident that if you focus on the spelling of this word and persevere despite your previous failures, you will have success in spelling it correctly.
-Brian may not be the world's best speller, but he is the world's best looking 29 year old.