April Goals

April is a busy month for me! School is thankfully winding down, and I will  be done with all my labs in a couple of weeks! I've gotten a lot more comfortable with Chemistry, and I've also discovered that I have zero understanding of physics. Oh well, life goes on.

April Goals
-Save $500
-Do better on my physics exam 2 (I'm not sure you can do worse than an F!)
-Practice my cake decorating
-Continue my daily bible study The Power of a Praying Woman
-Start seriously preparing for the Dental Admissions Test
-Start seriously thinking about where I am willing to apply
-Spend a day with my sister (I miss her.)
-Allow myself to get a manicure
-Have more fun with Brian

OK, that's it for April.

And all of these goals are very vague, which isn't good--I need to be more specific in my goal planning. "Do better" and "have more fun"? I'm not sure myself what that entails, but I will try to nail something down here soon.

Happy April Fool's Day!