Monday, March 7, 2011

Mi Vida Esta Loca

-My unaccepted (or possibly never delivered) application to The Daily Tar Heel was a blessing in disguise.

 -I'm currently bombarded with way too many things as is.

-My Spring Break has turned out not to be a break at all, as I am working everyday this week at the bank and have a to-do list at least a mile long.

-I had a nice long weekend in the Florida Keys. I'm pretty sure Brian and I only got in one minor disagreement--he argued that I should not donate any of my tax return money to charity. How nice of him. When I called him out on his greed, he claimed that he donated money last year to several nameless charities ("the cancer ones"). So generous, that one. I love you anyway :-)

-My blog has taken a back seat to the rest of my tasks these past couple weeks. Apologies.

-Today I am finalizing some goals for this month and the upcoming months as I trek through the final months of my pre-dental school journey.

-I sadly have not been keeping up with any of my regular blog reads.

-I'm proud of my newly developed baking skills, which I will be continuing next month as I take the Level 2 course, Flowers and Design. Tonight I will start posting regularly on my Cake Decorating site.

-If you're ever playing a game and asked who sings the lyrics "Pedicure on our toes, toes. Tryin' on all our clothes, clothes" and don't know that the answer is Ke$ha, remove yourself from underneath the rock you're living under. (Mom, your lack of knowledge is excusable. Amy, yours is not.)

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  1. Hey, it's me, peeking out from under my rock to read your blog. . . .love you, Mom