Lack of Facebook Update

About a month prior to the new year, way back in December (is it really March 20th?!?!?!), I deleted my Facebook account.

Point being I needed a break from Facebook and I needed less distractions from school.

It was going well. I was going strong. And other than signing on for a few seconds one time to access some of my old photos, I hadn't needed or missed Facebook. Occasionally I would have to check out Brian's Facebook or my sister's Facebook for some reason, but overall I felt like this resolution was going to be fairly easy.

I have no good explanation for why I reactivated my account. There I was. Sitting at my computer working on a Physics lab report, when I just went to Facebook, typed in my login and password, and immediately received a "Welcome Back!" email from The Facebook Team.

And now it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.....