Florida Keys, March 2011

As you will notice, most of our photos from this trip are pictures of me. My first attempt at using the camera on Saturday went something like this: "Why is this picture so blurry?"....(5 mins later)....."Brian, I can't figure out what's wrong with this thing!"....(2 mins later)....."This picture is blurry too"..."Brian, I think our camera must be broken." Needless to say, I'm no photographer. Unfortunately, that leaves only me to appear in most of the pictures, but I think Brian did an excellent job of capturing most of our trip highlights!

My favorite Bloody Mary at The Sunset Gril in Marathon. 

The Sunset Grill

The Sea Lion was my favorite animal at the Theater of the Sea.

View from across the canal

The Strawberry's house in Marathon, Fl

Hi Charlie!

The dolphin show at Theater of the Sea

View from the back patio

Sea turtles

This bird was so much fun and very entertaining!

Kisses from the sea lion

Me and my friend

This bird was not part of the Theater of the Sea, but it liked to hang around in hopes of stealing a fish from the sea lion. It didn't have much luck. 

Crossing the bridge to Islamorada

Proof that Brian was actually with me on this trip!


  1. Must be a thing with you and cameras. . .you said the same thing about mine at Christmas, and the pictures you took were blurry, but all the others were fine :-)


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