Super Bowl XLV

I wish I could say that the Super Bowl Party we had Sunday night was super fun.

But I can't.

I was extremely exhausted, symptoms including, but not limited to, heavy eyelids, repetitive yawning, and increased irritability.

Oh, and Bubbles, my State Fair fish, died during the game.

Oh, and the only bet I won was a $2 bet on the coin toss, resulting in a net loss of $19. Luckily, $15 of that was Brian's money. Sorry babe.

But if I enjoyed it for nothing else, I was in good company and surrounded by delicious food.

I made these bad boys:

Cream Puff Pastries. Very tasty and very messy. 

If you want the recipe, you can find it on the box of frozen puff pastry dough found in the frozen food aisle of your grocery store.

It's the recipe for "Strawberry Napoleons". And if like me, you have a boyfriend named Strawberry who has an aversion to an actual strawberry, leave out the strawberries and simply make Napoleons. They're good. Labor intensive, but good. 

I hope everyone had an excellent beer-and-football weekend!