even the 75 degree temperature, the windows rolled down, and "Party in the USA" turned up

did nothing to shake my bad mood. 

And I'm almost positive that if I vented about feeling blue to my dad, 

he would say I'm incredibly smart, absolutely gorgeous, and have a million reasons to be happy.

He says that. He's my dad. 

But today I knew that the only thing that could make me smile was only available on Facebook.

So, Oops! I logged on. For about 10 minutes. Just long enough to put my Facebook photos on IPhoto, since my computer is new and I had yet to put my pictures on it. 

I sorta broke my resolution, but it was worth it. To just remember being here....

with them...

Looking into those eyes...
And laughing with those crazy kids.

Oh, and then I came across this face.....

And my heart absolutely melted.....

She has that effect. 
The heart-melting kind. 

Well, now I'm much happier. And I'll be cuddled against that furball in a few hours.

Happy Monday! 

I'm going to take a week off of blogging, but I'll be back.

Love you all :-)