Cake and More Cake

I gave myself a cake assignment this week so that I could practice the techniques I'm learning in class. It was our dear friend Rob's birthday this weekend and I wanted to make him a b-day cake! I was fairly pleased with the outcome of the decorating, however, I was less patient than I usually am in class, which definitely affected the results. I also didn't have my instructor over my shoulder.

As far as taste goes, I used a Chocolate Duncan Hines box mix and made a Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting. I was a little disappointed with the actual chocolate cake, but I prefer vanilla anyhow.

This is the first cake I ever decorated, which I made in class last Wednesday:

 This is Rob's birthday cake:

All of my cakes and recipes will soon be posted to the Cake Decorating link, but bear with me as I struggle to do 100 million things today and tomorrow, before leaving for my vacation in the Florida Keys!!!

Happy Monday to all!


  1. karen1773/03/2011

    Today I was signing in at JW Tumbles and there was someone ahead of me with your name and your exact same handwriting. I looked around half-expecting to see you.


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