Thankful Thursday/LOF Update

Today I am thankful that I showed up to my physics lab, even though the physics labs apparently don't start until next week. How was I supposed to know that they didn't start this week? The lab is not yet up on Blackboard and nobody sent out an email! It's like they actually expect you to attend the physics lecture or something. Obviously everyone else in the lab knew that it didn't start this week.

Except me.

And except David, my new friend. I met David wandering the halls, looking equally as confused as I did.

David and I have a lot in common. We are both pre-dental students. We both like Starbucks. And we both had no idea that physics labs don't start until next week. Okay, that's actually about all we have in common that I know of.

But today I am thankful for meeting a new friend and being such a devoted student that I showed up to lab a week early.

So David and I went to Starbucks, since we both had time to spare and nowhere to be.

And the first thing David does is pull out his computer and asks if he can send me a Facebook friend request.

Literally, First. Thing.

"Uh, actually David, I don't have a Facebook."

"Oh. (long pause). You're one of those." (Emphasis on those).

I don't even know who those people are. Perhaps the crazy oddballs that lack a Facebook?  Not sure. But I immediately got a lecture on the necessity of having a Facebook, if not for the social perks, for the ease of which it would be to communicate with David.

His next question (swear to God) was "Do you have a cell phone?"

Um, Yes, my dear David. I do, in fact, have a cell phone.

So that's my Lack-of-Facebook update.

Two weeks into my LOF year and I'm already getting crazy looks from people, missing out on Facebook invites, and apparently I won't receive any of the new Facebook Deals.

Fifty four weeks to go.