Resolution Update

Remember this post about my 2011 resolutions?

As for Lack of Facebook, it's been over a month since I deactivated my account. The good? I've definitely felt (and have been) more productive. The bad? I no longer have access to photos posted to Facebook, unless I sign on Brian's (or my sister's) Facebook account. Our group of friends in Raleigh is always getting into something, going places, doing things. All of this is usually documented by some photographer other than myself. Take this photo for instance:

Aaron's 30th birthday party was last weekend. As you can probably guess, this photo was taken toward the end of the night, when things start to get loud and dance moves start to get crazy. Unfortunately, I needed Facebook in order to see the picture. 

Have I missed Facebook? No, not really. Can I live without it for another 11 months? Absolutely. 

What else have I gotten myself into? 
Last weekend I went to the pole dancing class I've been wanting to attend.
My book club is getting off the ground.
School is going good and has not been too overwhelming...yet.
Cake decorating classes start in February!

So long January, hello February....