On Weight Loss


Because it's a New Year...
Because everyone always has the same New Year's Resolution....
Because I've been asked about it one hundred times since Saturday...
and Because I love ya....

I will share with you my weight loss secret.

Ok, just kidding. I have no weight loss secret. But I will answer all of the questions that I typically get asked.

If you have asked me about my weight loss, the conversation has probably gone something like this:
You: Have you lost weight?
Me: Yes, school is stressful.

And that's about as far as you'll get.

That's because I hate discussing my weight. I hate the fact that our culture is currently (in my humble opinion) weight-obsessed. I hate that girls feel like the number on the scale is the measure of their self-worth. And that guys often care more about how a woman looks than how a woman thinks.

Okay, enough feminist ranting for one day.

Here is my weight story (the short version) :

Tiny, little, skinny, thin--I never knew any different until my college years. I started my freshman year at Elon weighing a mere 102 lbs, height 5'6. The scale creeped up throughout the four years I spent in college until it reached it's peak at approximately 148 lbs. You may remember this post I wrote back in 2009 about my weight gain. Anyways, even though I was undeniably chubby at my heaviest weight, I never lost my inner skinny bitch. Even when I was a size 8, in my head I was a size 0.

When I left college, ten pounds melted off immediately. Since I started dating Brian a year and a half ago, fifteen more pounds have disappeared.

Look away, look away!

This is me when I weighed 148 lbs. on my 22 birthday in May 2009.

This is me now (as in right now). I just snapped this picture as I'm writing this post using the Macbook photobooth. I had to edit it using the "antique effect" so that you wouldn't see the blemishes on my face!

And to be completely accurate, I went and weighed myself for you.

121 lbs.

Stay tuned for a following post where I will answer Q & A about my weight loss.


  1. You look happier holding a cake :P


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