Just Because

There is a pile of Kleenex tissues surrounding me as I write this. So gross, I know. I'm craving a hot shower, another cup of coffee, and a full day of doing nothing.

Maybe I will get my wish. Snow and ice in the forecast. Class tonight may or may not be cancelled (please dear God, cancel classes).

Despite feeling somewhat of a bum (no makeup, hair is a mess, and I just spilt coffee all down the front of my sweater), I've been somewhat productive today.

I managed to clean Brian's house a bit before heading back to Durham. Due to my being sick this weekend, I've been receiving death threats from my once loving boyfriend ("If I get sick, I swear to God Kelly...."). Okay, in reality, he hasn't sworn to God anything or even threatened my death, but he has made a point to say he will be mad. Point taken. Sheets washed. Door knobs Lysoled.

To update you on my life in a list:
1. I've started planning my blogs for the week in an effort to be more organized.
2. I've made an "Inspiration" file on my Macbook, so I can keep track of cooking/decorating/etc ideas that I run across while reading different blogs.
3. I want a Great Pyrenees and a Bernese Mountain dog. Google image these. You will swoon.
4. I've decided I will name my future children Sam and Julia.
5. Said future children may or may not have four legs and wagging tails.
6. My book club starts this week and I am very excited.
7. I am (as of tomorrow) going to wear heels more often (for reasons unsure). I bought a new pair at TJ Maxx last week, which was somewhat out of character. I rarely wear heels, but I wore them everyday last week. I felt...well....prettier.

Well, no matter how pretty you feel, at some point you have to admit heels aren't very comfortable. At our New Year's party, someone caught me taking mine off. Next party = no bare feet. I promise.

Happy Monday everyone!