January Goals

Well, 2011 is off to a great start already!

I've been in an wonderful mood all year! Okay, all four days of the year. But today might be a test of my mood because I have agreed to work at our Durham Main BB&T located in downtown Durham. This branch has clients that are, well, um, hmmm.....what you would expect to find in downtown Durham.

Alright, here are my January Goals:

Finish 2010 scrapbook
I thought I would be able to complete it this week, however, I have agreed to work at the bank everyday, I am babysitting every afternoon, and every weeknight is tied up with plans.

Stay Organized!
I bought a new planner at the start of the year, which I'm really thrilled about! Few people (maybe Meg?) can relate to the joy of buying a new planner, but lemme tell ya--it's joyous! Meg, this makes me miss you and wish we were sipping coffee, organizing our lives, and writing it all down in our planners together!

Cake Decorating Class
This is gonna happen in January. I'm stopping by Michael's today to sign up!

Read Between the Wines
Maybe you've noticed the new link on my blog, maybe you haven't. Maybe you've noticed the one member who has a little profile under the "Members" link--that would be me. But actually I have six current members who have joined my book club! This is probably the one thing I am most excited about for 2011. I have wanted to gather together a group of readers, like myself, to start a book club, but I never knew exactly how to organize/run/create a book club. I still don't know any of these things, but it will be a learning experience, if nothing else.

Happy goal-setting (and goal-conquering) to you all!