Oh, that? You mean my engagement ring...

Today, the kids and I were at a salon for a haircut.

The salon also sold jewelry. As I was looking at the selection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets, Cooper picked up a ring and announced that he found the perfect engagement ring if Brian were to ever propose.....

"What do you think Ms. Kelly? It would be the perfect engagement ring, right?"

"Um, I'm not sure perfect is the word I would use, but I would definitely be speechless."

On another note...

Usually when we are driving home from school and Cooper is in the backseat talking incessantly, I will throw in an occasional "cool", "oh, cool", or "that's cool, Cooper" to give the impression I'm listening (note: this can backfire and occasionally Cooper will stop his story and say "wait, what's cool?" at which point I act confused or simply act like I didn't hear him).

But last week I definitely tuned into Cooper's chatter when I heard him make this announcement:

"Ms. Kelly, did you know that last time my family went to the beach, I forgot to bring underwear and my mom made me go commando the whole weekend. I had no underpants for the whole weekend!"

Thank you, Cooper. I couldn't have lived another day without knowing that. 


  1. when i read that title, i honestly thought you were announcing your engagement on your blog. too cute though! :)

  2. Kelly Lawrence12/09/2010

    C'mon Erin. You know if I were engaged I would not be using my blog to make the announcement!!! No way.

    I'd use Facebook.

  3. karen17712/13/2010

    he better hurry up then because arent you quitting facebook?

    Can my Elon ppl stop getting engaged? was some sort of kool-aid passed around after i left??

  4. Kelly Lawrence12/14/2010

    I'm pretty sure there was kool-aid passed around. I think I mixed mine with vodka, altering the effects.I will likely be the last of the M202ers to be engaged.

    Or maybe second to last ;-)


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