Weekend Recap

There is nothing overly-exciting to recap for this weekend. Friday night, Brian and I went to see comedian John Caparulo. Money well spent. Saturday, I went with Erin to David's Bridal to try on wedding gowns. She picked out her wedding dress! (Her parent's) money well spent.

Other than that, I have spent the past week on a homework hiatus. So basically, I have done nothing. The homework ban is in celebration of my chemistry lab ending last Tuesday. It was a wonderful day. Maybe one of the best days of my life in fact. So it is only reasonable that I celebrate the end of that chemistry nightmare with one week of nothingness. It has been glorious.

I only have two classes tonight and then it is officially Thanksgiving Break! I will be spending the week with Brian's family in Annapolis, Maryland, which has quickly become one of my favorite places. If only I had money for shopping on Black Friday, this Thanksgiving vacation would be perfect.

While in Maryland next weekend, Brian and I will be attending his high school's 10 year reunion! Exciting, eh? I can only imagine what Brian was like 10 years ago! When I was 18 years old, Lord knows...I was anything but an angel. Thank heaven Brian didn't know me then (the one guy unfortunate enough to date me at that age probably curses the ground I walk on)! Funny how much life changes in five (or ten) years. How have you changed since you were 18 years old?


  1. karen17711/22/2010

    aha! you are dating an older man! god, i love how blogs give me a way to get caught up ;)

    also- i love that that pic is of you when you were the angel and i was the devil...curious how that has changed...bahahahaha

    AND- annapolis? so....20 minutes from me? so....see you this weekend??

  2. Kelly Lawrence11/23/2010

    Karen, when I put that picture up on the blog (and then looked at ALL of the pictures I've put on my blog) I thought of you! Remember when you were in my bedroom once and were like "why does every single picture have YOU in it!" TOO FUNNY! I still laugh at that.
    Yes, I'm dating an older man...although if you're around him on the weekends when he is goofing off and binging on Four Loko, I might have you fooled :-)
    I will be in Annapolis this weekend! We visit every couple months. What are your thanksgiving plans?!


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