Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like a Tree in the Sky

While riding home from school today, Cooper gave me his latest sales pitch. He has been fixated lately on selling things to kids at his school. This week it's paper airplanes. Last week it was a guava-like, unidentifiable object that fell from a tree. He went so far as to make up a story about how he travelled to Tennessee and came back with this rare fruit, and then he tried to sell it for $5. I tried to tell him that being from Tennessee would not make the fruit more appealing to 3rd graders (or to anyone). Needless to say, it was never sold. 

A+ for effort. 

So today Cooper announced to me that his friends Matthew and David were no longer going to partner with him in his business, Wheels Incorporated (which obviously sells comic books). He told me that Matthew was starting a new comic book business that would definitely create competition, and as for David, well he is "like a tree in the sky."

Like a tree in the sky.

He said so assertively that I found myself wondering if this was a common expression people use. Had I been living under a rock? Maybe everyone knows what "like a tree in the sky" means. 

But I quickly came to find out that not even Cooper knows what this means.

When I asked him what he meant by "like a tree in the sky" his response was simple:

"You know, Ms. Kelly. Like a tree in the sky. Just like a tree. In the sky."


  1. karen17711/17/2010

    LOL. love it. i actually kind of feel like a tree in the sky right now, so i can totally relate.

    My babysitting is providing me with a lot of funny stories too! I am trying to remember to post all of them :)

  2. Kelly Lawrence11/17/2010

    I've enjoyed reading your babysitting stories lately--my favorite was when the kids announced "I have to go poop now." Too funny! Babysitting makes for great stories (and great birth control). :-)

  3. karen17711/18/2010

    Haha it cracks me up how often the moms I babysit for say "Isn't this great birth control?!"
    The other day I told a mom how I get called both brave and stupid for quitting my job. She said she feels the same about becoming a mom. HA!

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