Hello, November!

Life is good.

Surprisingly, given that:

1. I had to unexpectedly buy a new battery for my car this week, because apparently the one I had was "about to explode." There goes the money I was planning to put towards the Macbook.

2. The whole stereo system in my car will not work because I got a new car battery. A security code is required to re-start the system, which can be found on a card given to the buyer of the car from the dealer. Well, my Honda was bought used. Hmm...The word "headache" comes to mind.

3. I had to drive all the way to Elon today to cast my vote because I forgot to change my address form from when I voted in the 2008 election. Dedication to the Republican party--pure and simple.

4. I had to listen to my Ipod using headphones in my car while driving to Elon, since the forty-five minutes of silence was extremely awkward. Using headphones while driving is completely unacceptable, but I had to cave in and do the unthinkable. Driver's-seat-headphone-usage is typical for those that drive lousy cars or are too cheap to buy a new stereo. "Appearing cheap" is my personal definition of Hell. The stoplights were torture.

5. Even worse than having no music to listen to in the car is having no clock. You'd be surprised.

6. I finished my lab report at 2:06 am this morning. At 1:50 am the AutoSave on my Macbook stopped working due to the "Macintosh hard drive being full," although I don't see how this is possible. The document, due at 7 am, would not save to the computer. And I could not find my flash drive anywhere in the house.
I curse my technology skills, I curse God for my bad luck and said technology skills, and ultimately I curse my dreaded Chem lab.

But besides being broke, having no radio, and having no life outside of my grade-dwindling classes,

I welcome this month....

And all the food that comes with it.....

With a thankful and happy heart.