December Goals

Tomorrow is the first day of December! I am so excited! I anticipate Christmastime every year (and am usually somewhat disappointed), but hey--it is truly a joyous season!

My absolute favorite thing about the holiday season? Eggnog. Above all else.

Other Christmas-y things that I love include:
Spending time with family, friends, and Brian
Shopping for other people!
Holiday baking, Christmas music, scented candles, and eggnog (all at once, obviously)
Wrapping presents
Watching Home Alone (thank you Meggy for that tradition)
Walks with Colby that require bundling
Porcelain white skin and a pink nose (I'm over the whole tan look when it's chilly out)
Eggnog and Gingerbread flavored coffee creamers
Making fun of Christmas cards (specifically ones including two-page letters of arrogance unsuccessfully disguised as pride)
Christmas Eve service at church (It's almost as if this holiday is to celebrate Jesus' birth or something!)
Oh Holy Night. Best Christmas song ever. Gives me chills every time.

*Note-this post was actually supposed to be December Goals. I got completely side-tracked. My first goal will be to write my goals later today. Stay tuned, all of you who (probably don't) care! :-)


  1. karen17712/02/2010

    LOL too funny that you didn't even get to the goal of actually writing goals :-P

  2. I got Home Alone 1-4 (I didn't even know there were 4) for Christmas! Wish I could watch them with you :)


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