On Being Creative....

Creative is synonymous with Ingenious.

I remember one week during my senior year at Elon when I needed to come up with a creative title for the chapter I was writing for our Senior Seminar book about the psychology of counterfactual thinking. I spent hours, which turned into days, racking my brain for a title. It had to be creative. You see (in typical "humble Kelly" fashion), I had been given the responsibility of writing the chapter on regret--the first chapter and most important chapter in the whole book. And I was the only person in the whole class chosen by the professor not to work with a partner. He later pulled me aside to confess that he had confidence in my writing abilities and knew that I could carry the burden of the regret chapter on my own.

So now I felt pressure. This had to be good. And my mom can probably recall the conversations I had with her about being desperate to think of a title.

In the end, it was "Regret Regardless" followed by an awesome quote which I no longer remember.

And no, it doesn't sound too impressive now, but let me tell ya....it was perfect. And when it hit me, I just knew.

The moral of this story is that I get a lot of pleasure out of being creative. I also get a lot of pleasure out of other people being creative. Reading Jennifer Hambrick's blog, for instance, is one of my favorite things because I enjoy the simple creativity of her writing. My wonderful boyfriend Brian is one of the most artistically creative people that I know. My mom--well, her creativity and mine are practically the same. I guess it's in the gene. She once wrote a pretty impressive poem for my dad on his 40th birthday. And I don't know if you've read "Ode to my Macbook," but.....

Whatever the creative flare--be it decorating, teaching, music, etc--it is always something I admire in people.

And I want my blog to be creative.

You may remember the previous title of The Sweet Tooth--"Peeing in the Shower: Because NOT Peeing in the Shower would be a Waste of Money, Time, and Toilet Paper."

Clever, eh?

Well the change to The Sweet Tooth was decided on simply because I am a hopeful future dental professional (yes, hopeful), I have a sweet disposition (some would say), and I have an undeniable love for all things sweet (I am eating candy corn as I write this).

Clever, eh?

So now I want to make my blog posts creative. And I thought about doing a similar sweet- food-theme for all blog titles. For instance, one day the post may be titled "The Icing on the Cake." A post on a Monday may be titled "The Weekend Scoop." But that would just take too long. And my brain already hurts just thinking about the creative ingenuity that would require.

Well, the purpose of this entirely too long blog post is to tell you that tomorrow I will be introducing "Thankful Thursday" and next week I will hopefully be introducing some more themes that correspond to the day of the week. No, this is not my creative idea. There are a lot of bloggers who do this. Simply because it makes blogging easier and actually makes it more fun!

But I hope that you will enjoy it!

Stay tuned. And stay creative.


  1. Hey, thanks for the reference to my poem :-) Funny how I always say I feel like I lost pretty much all of my creativity after you were born--must be because I gave most of it to you!! By the way, where's the candy corn? I love that stuff! Looking forward to your new blog formats, and to having a dentist in the family. Love you bunches, -Mom

  2. i hope you were able to control yourself with the candy corn and didn't end up sick eating it! :)


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