I've Come A Long Way (Cue: Pat on the Back)

There was a time (sixth grade) when I used to have full blown panic attacks (crying, shouting, and slamming textbooks) after school when my sister would try and explain to me the concept of  unknown variable "X" (as in X + 3 = 5).

I mean, seriously.  Full. Blown. Panic. Attack.

And now I can tell you all four quantum numbers of an electron in a given orbital of any element in the periodic table based on the quantum mechanics of an atom.

If you cared to know.

Just saying. I've come quite a ways.

So to 7th grade teacher Ms. Hemric (soon-to-be Mrs. Snyder!), the kids will one day thank you for providing the foundation for perhaps quantum physics. And if they're anything like me, right now they're wanting to scream.


  1. Erin Hemric10/05/2010

    You don't know how much that means! I often stand in front of my room and wonder if anyone is listening. So, proud of you and your depth of knowledge!

  2. Kelly Lawrence10/06/2010

    Thanks E!!!!!! I bet you're doing a great job! All of them probably AREN'T listening, but I'm sure you're getting through to quite a few. Can't wait to see you soooooon hopefully! Love you!!


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