Dave Ramsey Live!

Last Saturday, Brian and I waited an hour and a half in traffic to attend the Dave Ramsey Live Seminar at the RBC center. 

About one hour in to our traffic halt, Brian's car started to overheat. 

Brian was frustrated.

 I, in turn, became frustrated. 

I thought for sure Brian was going to give up, drive home, and miss the show. Or maybe we would be on the side of the road for a few hours waiting for AAA due to an overheated car. 

Either way, the outcome looked dim. 

But we made it. Finally. An hour late, but we made it! And it was awesome!!!

Yes, most of Dave's financial plan is more like common sense. But it's common sense that most of the world ignores, which is why America is in a financial debt crisis. 

I am truly inspired to live like no one else so that one day I might live like no one else!

And my credit card is going to be the first thing to go.