Hello Again

...it has been a while!

While I haven't been posting, I have been doing SO much other stuff. Geez, my days seem crazy.

This is a glimpse of my weekly schedule now that Fall semester is in full swing:
Mondays: Lab 8-12, babysitting 3-5, class 6-9
Tuesdays: Lab 8-12, babysitting 3-5
Wednesdays: babysitting 3-5, class 6-9
Thursdays: babysitting 3-5
Fridays: BB&T 11-3, babysitting 3-5

Throw in homework, studying, and a few extra hours at the bank here and there.

And that is my life.

My crazy life.

And of course I manage to be in bed before 10pm :-)


  1. I am so proud of you for maintaining the kelly/erin bedtime with that crazy schedule! I have been in bed by 9pm every night. So, we are both doing well with bed time! :)

  2. karen1779/14/2010

    i can't not comment on the kelly/erin bedtime...

    i just dont understand how you two do it! if i am in bed my 11 i am SO proud of myself (ive been doing it more lately!!!)


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