Monday, September 27, 2010


I was in a bad mood yesterday.

And my bad moods have been exponentially increasing with the exponential increase in homework.

The homework load is obviously not going away.

But these bad moods need to disappear.

Or else these next five years are going to be unbearably long.

In an attempt to tame the moodiness, I am trying to devise ways of staying positive and recognizing my triggers.

Common Bad Mood Triggers 
hungry = grumpy
tired = grumpy
(much like a two-year-old, eh?)
feeling overwhelmed/stressed = terrible mood which will be taken out on others
("others" most likely being Brian or family)
Getting on Facebook = increased likelihood that bad mood will occur
(why Facebook puts me in a bad mood is another blog for another day.)
Pity party = depression and bad mood
(pity party being my tendency to celebrate all things going wrong in my life. Failing to recognize the many blessings.)

My common bad mood triggers may apply to you as well.  Anyone who is tired, hungry, or stressed is likely going to feel moody. Some just let it be known more than others. And anyone who spends time focusing on the negative things in their life is going to be just that--negative!

Using this Knowledge: Real-Life Example
Saturday night I met up with Brian and friends at a restaurant in Chapel Hill to hang out and watch a pool tournament. I was at first excited to be going out--I had just worked five hours on a lab report. But mind you, I had watched a few hours of pool on Friday night and was again watching pool on Saturday night. Probably not my first choice of things I want to do, but I was in fact choosing to be there. If I wanted to leave, no one was stopping me. But instead I chose to stay.
Fast-forward to 1 am. Beyond tired. And beyond ready to be snuggled in bed with my boyfriend.
But Brian --being the night owl that he is--wanted to go to Sharky's. A pool hall. A pool hall that I often loathe.
Just as I used to love spending my whole life at Mill Creek Golf Club because I love golf, I love everything about golf, and it was the place where all my friends hung out (ok, and I was getting paid), I know Brian really enjoys hanging out at Sharky's.
So in my head, I equate Mill Creek (for me) to Sharky's (for Brian). This helps me understand why he like to spend his time there. He loves playing pool and he loves hanging out with his friends.
Saturday night I was tired, grumpy, and purposely acting miserable because we went to Sharky's.
I should have just went home and went to bed, since that is what I wanted to do, and not have cared if Brian wanted to stay out later and hang out at Sharky's, if that is what he wanted to do.

But instead I let my bad mood get the best of me.

And that bad mood carried over into Sunday......

And into today....

Ok, just kidding. It did carry over into Sunday, but not today. Today I am in a great mood....

For now.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lesson in Learning

Did you know that adult neurons are not able to undergo mitosis (i.e. replicate)?

Learning involves the modification of the synapses of existing neurons, NOT an increase in the neuron population.

Did you know that damaged neurons of the CNS (brain and spinal cord) can never be repaired?

Nope, those neurons will never be replaced once lost.

Every single day we should be challenging ourselves to be better, to be smarter, to be learning.

That goes for an 3-year-old, a 23-year-old, or an 93-year -old.

So pull out those crossword puzzles and start modifying some synapses already!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cooper Quotes

As I am driving home half-listening to Cooper in the back seat talk incessantly about math, suddenly I realize he is asking me a question.

Cooper: "...add HALF a trickle, subtract ONE bickle, and then add THREE fickles. What do you get?"

Kelly: "Huh? I don't even know what you're talking about."

Cooper: "Ms. Kelly, remember what I was saying about a fickle equals three, a bickle equals two...."

Kelly: "I dont know."

Cooper: "Math is just so much harder now than it was in the old days."

Please note "old days" is referring to when I was in elementary school...because that was SO LONG AGO ;-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sweet Find

Found this dress at Target last week. Not that I need more clothes, but for $30 I could not pass it up! This picture doesn't show it off well, but its about mid-thigh length, satin fabric, and floral print. Adorable! The new Target brand is called "Tucker" and I thought a lot of the stuff was really cute. 

Macintosh Photo Booth is really neat! 
Although it's sorta depressing when I see my face close up and think "Do I really look like that?!?" 
Geez Louise. 
Poor Brian! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Even Bother...

...Clicking on the "Cooking" and "Cake Decorating" tabs.

Just like 15-501 circa New Hope Commons, these pages may be "Under Construction" for quite a while.

Unfortunately, the cooking-kick I was on this past year has ended abruptly with the start of school. While working at the bank, I had time (and money) to peruse through the internet, find recipes, and test them out at night for Brian and friends. Not the case anymore.

Unfortunately, I'd much rather be in my test kitchen than in the Chem lab.

But what would life be without the occasional sacrifice?


(long sigh)


Side -Dishes
The 15-501 reference will only make a Durhamite chuckle.
Can "circa" be used to reference location, or is it used solely for time?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Friday night-
Spent the evening with Brian! Thank goodness--I was really beginning to miss him :-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

If We Ever Reproduce....

Lord, help that poor child.

And no, I am not having a baby, planning to have a baby, or wanting a baby anytime soon. Just stumbled across these hilarious clothes when I was online shopping for my own strawberry knit toboggan (or "beanie" as northerners would call it). 

And plus, I already have two babies. And both sleep perfectly through the night....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ode to my Macbook

My old Dell computer is crappy and slow
So I needed a new one-- I’m a student, ya know.
So I purchased a Macbook for reasons unclear
But I know they’re the best-- I believe what I hear.
My Macbook stays with me and goes where I go.
The battery is awesome. It rarely gets low.
I love how it looks-- so sleek and so slim.
And how, when it’s nighttime, the background gets dim.
I’m up to my eyeballs in credit card debt,
But I know you are worth it. I don’t even fret.
My only complaint, and I swear there’s just one…
If I knew how to use you, you’d be lots more fun. 

September Goals

Mid-September Goals is probably more accurate.

Better late than never!

-Register for a 5k
-Keep up with my textbook reading for my classes
-Finish Scrapbook that I did not finish in August
-Do yoga video from p90X once/week
-Blog every weekday
-Save $300 to pay towards Macbook debt

Progress So Far...
I have registered for the 5k, and I will be able to easily save the $300 to pay off the laptop. I've let myself get a couple chapters behind in my Anatomy reading, and I have not read any of the supplemental textbook reading for Chemistry. Yoga, not so much. Scrapbook, haven't touched it.

So I guess I have my work cut out for me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Blogs

If you're looking for some fun things to do around the Triangle, I stumbled across some good blogs that you might want to check out....

...cause if you're like me, you always find yourself doing the same things all the time!!!

God Wink

Isn't it funny how sometimes we doubt that there's ever anyone up there..."up there" being Heaven?  And the moment we begin to doubt, something strange happens that we swear can not just be a coincidence!

"God winks". That is what my friend Karen Godt called them.

Here is the line-up of events that led to the God wink I experienced this morning:
1. It's been a week from hell. Lonely, bored, angry, confused. Okay, PMS is partly to blame. But overall it's just been one of those weeks.
2. Yesterday, on my way to pick up Cooper from school, I was listening to the radio and a new Sara Bareilles song was playing. I was only half-listening to the song, but one lines stuck out to me. It said "All my life I try to make everyone else happy." I think most of us (ladies, at least) can definitely relate to that feeling--trying to please everyone.
3. I started thinking about my personality, and how it kills me if anyone doesn't like me. At work they joke that I can never say "No," to the point where my supervisor will actually come up with really ridiculous things for me to do and laugh as I willingly, without hesitation, agree to do them.
4. Then my mind wandered to the one person I know doesn't like me (hopefully there's only one person out there....there couldn't possibly be anyone else!!! ha). She has valid reasons not to like me, that's for sure. But I just sat in the carpool line thinking about this old friend, wondering what she is up to, thinking about all the laughs, fun, and good times.
5. This morning at breakfast I pondered about life. In human anatomy, it really amazes me how humans are simply animals, only our brain is wired a hair differently and we became the most intelligent of all the animals. Life is so weird and really confusing when you begin to over-think it. So over my bowl of cereal, I thought to myself that God is what we want to believe in. He is what we need to make ourselves feel purpose--to let us know that unlike every other animal, when we die we won't be simply put in the ground and that's all, folks!
6. So after doubting God, I head to my computer with my cup of joe. I love spending time in the morning reading blogs, catching up on all the social networks, and enjoying my coffee! And what do you know...nothing other than a God wink. The friend I had been thinking about a lot yesterday, the friend who I have not heard from in years, left a little comment that made a huge difference. I think it was the first time I've smiled all week.

So thank you God for that. And thank you God for her.

-One of the best quotes ever: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone."
-Sometimes I convince myself that God is like Santa Claus and all the adults in my life are playing this huge prank. And one day everyone will laugh, because it's taken me so long to figure it out.
-If you haven't yet realized, I'm really quite weird and can come up with some pretty crazy things!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello Again has been a while!

While I haven't been posting, I have been doing SO much other stuff. Geez, my days seem crazy.

This is a glimpse of my weekly schedule now that Fall semester is in full swing:
Mondays: Lab 8-12, babysitting 3-5, class 6-9
Tuesdays: Lab 8-12, babysitting 3-5
Wednesdays: babysitting 3-5, class 6-9
Thursdays: babysitting 3-5
Fridays: BB&T 11-3, babysitting 3-5

Throw in homework, studying, and a few extra hours at the bank here and there.

And that is my life.

My crazy life.

And of course I manage to be in bed before 10pm :-)