Monday, August 23, 2010

Up and At 'Em

Much better mood this morning. Hormones are such a fascinating thing.

I start classes on Wednesday!!!!!

Never thought I'd say it but I'm ready for this summer to be over. Okay, I will probably be regretting that statement the moment the temperature drops below 80, but right now, I'm ready.

I'm ready for....

Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks.

The State Fair

The colors of Fall and the crunching of leaves

Hair that can be straightened and not fall victim to the humidity

"Autumn Leaves" Yankee Candles

I think too that one reason I'm ready to leave this summer behind is because I am not leaving the Phillips' children behind. Nope, they are coming right along with me--for Summer, for Fall, and for the start of Winter at least. I'll get to be there for their first day of school, to hear their stories, and to see their excitement. They keep me laughing and I am excited that I don't have to say any "goodbyes" at the end of this summer!

Also, having Brian in my life makes each season magical. I'm not really sure why, but maybe it's because of the different memories we make throughout the year. I don't really know how to explain it--it's just a feeling. A very good feeling.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crazy Life

Oh August, how you are slipping away from me....

My philosophy is that there are "always enough hours in the day."
I've said this to my sister when she makes up excuses as to why she didn't exercise.
I say it to myself when I decide to procrastinate until the final minute.
I think it in my mind when I hear anyone complain about their lack of time.

If you think about it, there are a thousand little things we do during the day that are completely pointless wastes of time. The minutes you spend reading others' status updates. The hours you may spend in front of the tv. Or the time you waste reading someone else's blog. I mean, really...who cares?

Yet in my attempts to be productive, I've found myself so completely overwhelmed by my to-do list that I resort to doing nothing that requires any use of a brain cell. I feel like August has been a mental shut-down for me.

I've spent hours reading other people's blogs whose lives I envy. I've spent hours daydreaming of the multi-tasking superwoman that I want so badly to be. And I've spent hours diligently organizing my life and every finite detail instead of actually living it.

And I'm really, really tired.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

I spent this past weekend in Myrtle Beach with my family. I enjoyed sun-bathing several hours a day, eating seafood every night, and getting the opportunity to see my grandma! Unfortunately, my grandma's memory is fading  fairly quickly and she is often confused about a lot of things. Seeing her in the condition is certainly not pleasant, however, it makes me appreciate my own health and be thankful for all the years I got to spend with her.

Why not take a moment to count my blessings, eh?

I am so thankful to have family that I can vacation with, even if they do drive me crazy a lot of the time. I am thankful for a job that allows me the time to vacation. I am thankful for my grandmothers--having both of them in my life for so long is a blessing. I am thankful for my sight, my hearing, and my ability to walk because they made it possible for me to take morning walks on the beach! I am thankful for the wonderful boyfriend, friends, house, and dog that I missed the whole time I was there.