On My Way...

...to accomplishing one of my August goals!

Today I spent hours working on my scrapbook. I am really excited about how it is coming along! Scrapbooking is a great way for me to relax, and it's a creative outlet for me too! Plus I love to look through photos and reminisce.

I have also decided that I will one day have an Art Studio in my house (i.e. scrapbooking studio), because it gets a little messy! My stuff is everywhere! But the dining room table will have to do for now.


  1. Anonymous8/02/2010

    I recommend the 7 drawer craft cart from target. Its amazing! That, and two lidded floral bins now organize all my supplies perfectly! I want a craft room too!

    Love you!!

  2. Kelly Lawrence8/02/2010

    Thanks Meggy!!! I will definitely look into that at Target...I am so disorganized!!!


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