Happy 4th!

Here are some highlights of the wonderful weekend in Wrightsville beach...

-Simmering hot days followed by cool, breezy nights
-Drinking one too many on Friday night
-Lounging around Saturday morning with coffee, munching on delicious food, and mingling with friends
-A relaxed Saturday afternoon on the beach complete with swimming, corn hole, bocce ball, and beer
-Treading water in the sound (and sometimes fighting against the current), laughing and horsing around on the boat, and soaking up the rays on Masonboro island
-Spending time with wonderful people, enjoying each and everyone's company, and appreciating the personalities that were brought together for three nights of delirium.

My personal favorite memory from the trip was devouring the most delicious piece of fried chicken my lips have ever tasted. And, of course, sharing that moment with Brian :)


  1. Anonymous7/06/2010

    amazing photography...i have to say.....that piece of chicken was about the size of your head!!!! so much fun this weekend!!!:)

  2. i'm glad you weren't drowning in the sound this time. miss you! love, e

  3. Kelly Elaine7/13/2010

    Erin, I think everyone heard my drowning story about ten times that weekend!!!


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